In an interview with Hon KOLAWOLE KAZEEM ORELOPE, a candidate of social democratic party (SDP) for OLUYOLE CONSTITUENCY for Oyo state house of assem

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Latest Nigeria Newspapers Headlines Today Monday August 20 2018.

In an interview with Hon KOLAWOLE KAZEEM ORELOPE, a candidate of social democratic party (SDP) for OLUYOLE CONSTITUENCY for Oyo state house of assembly with Elio report.

He made it clear to Elio report that he has being in politics since 2001 in Lagos State, and he serve as special adviser to the governor on labor and SA on environmental under the administration of CHIEF BOLA AHMED TINUBU for 8years, before he was called by late LAM ADESINA the former governor of Oyo state to come and serve people of Oyo state in 2009.

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He also made clear to Elio Report that he contest for the post of federal honorable in the year 2011 while the party beg him to step down for HON JIDE ADEWALE, “but unfortunately for them they did not win because people did not vote for him, because they see me as the best choice for the post but the party denied me”

Same thing also happened in ”2015 when the present governor senator ISAAK ABIOLA AJIMOBI said he will not give me the ticket no matter how I won in Primary election, that he want me to become local government chairman,and I accept for him,as the Constitution authority then”

And I ruled the local government for 9month with positive impact in the environment,he now said “I wanted to contest for the post the state house of Assembly under the platform of All progressive Congress (APC) but the party said they can’t give me because I will not agree to be use as slave for them, because my people I always ready to serve them all the time”

He was now asked about his achivement as the local government chairman, he said “what I do for my people no other local government chairman as done it in Oyo state,”he said in education I build many new set of class room and renovate some,in health I bought many equipments to the matanities,and build new ones that will called AYETORO PRIMARY HEALTH CARE,and more where is needed,and I construct Road to reduce the holdup in the musilim junction and move the bus stop that causes the holdup to adebisi, and also construct another Road from the front of Muslim school to express to reduce the holdup in the environment,and I also collect 6world banks project from the present administration for my local government,and build shops and at the junction as well,and also enlarge some dreanage that causes flooding,and build many bridge, this type positive impact make my party then, won all the elections From federal level to local level,this happened because of my work in the local government as the chairman,”.

When he was ask how sure is he that he will won forthcoming election he said “I have 100% because my people called me to come and serve them again,because OLUYOLE CONSTITUENCY have not been able to have good representatives since the beginning of democracy in Nigeria, and the fourth coming election is not by party you belong to, is the individual work of the person that will judge him/her and I believe my work will speak for me.”