Omituntun Initiative in the Diaspora (OID) Hold a press conference at OMITUNTUN house in 7th of March 2019 they canvass for free, fair and credible poll in Oyo State.

They said
“We bring you special greetings from members of Omituntun Initiative in the Diaspora (OID). It is good to be back home!
Several of  us flew in from different countries to have a World Press Conference on the issues, challenges and way forward on the gubernatorial and house of assembly elections coming up on Saturday, 9th March, 2019. “


  • On 1st of May 1967, right here in Ibadan, one of our founding fathers, Chief Obafemi Awolowo opined that “

“The aim of a leader should be the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people.” He made that profound statement when our country was passing through severe crisis and conflicts.
52 years after that pronouncement, and right here in Oyo State, our beloved State is also passing through severe leadership crisis, educational crisis; healthcare crisis and economy crisis to mention just a few. We stand here today in Ibadan to repeat the same words of our most revered elder statesman. What is topmost in the mind of the next Governor of Oyo State should be the provision of minimum basic needs for the people.
At this moment, Oyo State is in a critical situation and this election should alleviate it if the right candidate is elected.
It is evident that stakes in this election are enormous.
The lives of our people are at stake.
Our economy development is at stake.
Our agricultural development is at stake.
Our values and believes are at stake
We can no longer sit aside idle and watch our beloved Pacesetter State crumble despite numerous resources in our land.
OID realizes that the consequences for electing a wrong candidate will result in further damages to our commonwealth. The people of Oyo State have the power to reject politics of hatred and godfatherism. Our people should do away with politics of divisions,, manipulations, intimidation and harassment.

Every one must exercise his or her constitutional right and vote for a candidate that will :
rescue masses from abject poverty
improve on health accessibility, delivery, facilities and welfare of health providers provide housing and transportation to all civil servants provide good roads and necessary infrastructures to rural areas create jobs for unemployed youths establish retirees and old people’s schemes for better living and longevity provide adequate security for lives and properties provide quality education accessible by all willing young and old people in Oyo state support farmers with basic infrastructures and needs.

OID has found in Engineer Seyi Makinde the potentials that can deliver the above mandates. We therefore implore you to go out and vote en masse for Engr Seyi Makinde on Saturday; each vote counts and remember that we all need minimum basic needs for existence. This election is not just about Seyi Makinde. It’s about Good Governance It is about the future of our children and unborn generation.
OID urge voters, to shun vote selling, and monetary inducement by corrupt politicians.
We advise Oyo State youths to be agents of positive transformation, and refuse being used to commit electoral malpractices. OID is using this press conference to call on security agents to provide adequate security and ensure that no one is harassed or intimated at any of the polling units. We therefore use this opportunity to implore INEC to:
provide adequate Logistics for all the polling Units ensure that all parties’ agents perform their assigned duties before the commencement of voting and after voting is completed without intimidation and harassment.

We say No to violence, rigging and inconclusive elections and Yes, to free, fair and credible elections.

Thank you, good citizens of Oyo State.
God bless Oyo State.
God bless Nigeria
Signed: On behalf of Omituntun Initiative in the Diaspora (OID)
Prof D.K Shangodoyin Mr.
Alfred Komolafe Dr M. Iyun
OID Chairman OID USA Coordinator OID Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Coordinator

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